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Ⓑ《French Kiss or Totally Naked:Trina》 舌吻還是脫光光? (English subtitles)

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English subtitles

0b6b3834-a7b8-4648-8ce0-87c78f3df0fa.gif配合台灣 內容分級制度,本片有人體裸露之畫面,未滿18歲請勿瀏覽及購買本商品。

Trina is facing an option: French kiss with this guy, or one of them gotta get totally naked to let the other draw a sketch. Of course, you can challenge them both.

The guy is the director of this show, he's very willing to kiss this beautiful lady, and she said yes too, but she was negotiating the duration of this french kiss.

"5 minutes tongue to tongue is too long! How about 1 minute?" said Trina.

What a awkward situation this is!

Very funny! very sexy!

0b6b3834-a7b8-4648-8ce0-87c78f3df0fa.gif配合台灣 內容分級制度,未滿18歲請勿瀏覽及購買本商品。


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