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Dare Challenge 素描裸男妳敢嗎? (English subtitles)

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English subtitles

0b6b3834-a7b8-4648-8ce0-87c78f3df0fa.gif配合台灣 內容分級制度,本片因進行人體藝術素描活動,有部分人體裸露之畫面,未滿18歲請勿瀏覽及購買本商品。

Sexy host Yuna interviewd the girl Lian come to the prank show, and they're talikng about the what's the most brave thing you've ever done.

Then Yuna ask Lian if she wanns tje the challenge to draw a naked model immediately, and she said yes right away, but what surprised her is:

The totally naked model is a guy!

And Yuna intentionally left the room , just let Lian and the male naked model in the room!

What a awkward situation this is!

Very funny! very sexy!